Nicole Phillips

Mother to Rebel Girl Aubrey Annmarie, Nicole Philips is a 12-year veteran of the plus size fashion industry. She is currently the social media manager for fashion brand, 11 Honore´, where she also contributes to their digital platform. Nicole is passionate about motherhood, reproductive issues, sustainability, human rights and the environment. While Nicole loves what she does, she also secretly dreams about traveling the country with her daughter, husband, and dogs in an RV where she could write full time or buying an abandoned campground in the woods to turn into a family friendly retreat. When Nicole is not busy chasing her daughter around, she enjoys pedicures alone, spending time with other mom-friends, and earthing somewhere in nature… and watching every Real Housewife show available to her.

"Boundless is first and foremost a space where women are celebrated for their achievements, struggles, and even for their failures."